Robert McDonald


Phone: 717-763-1212 Ext. 191

Cell: 717-819-5532

After 30 years in the banking industry, Bob McDonald joined RSR REALTORS® in May 2013 with analytical and interpersonal skills that clients can bank on. Combined with a seasoned, in-depth knowledge of the complexities and curves of the real estate market on both the East and West shores, Bob has already emerged as an RSR all-star.

As RSR’s Business Development Manager, he is responsible for relationship management as well as business procurement and maintenance. To build upon his already impressive skill set as both a time-tested numbers-cruncher and a people person, he is also working in the RSR Appraisers & Analysts division, training to become a certified commercial appraiser.

As an appraiser trainee, Bob works as an apprentice under an expert who reviews all work. After gaining experience over the course of 30 months, he will sit for testing at the state level to earn his official appraiser certification.

Bob fits in organically with Greg Rothman’s larger plan to beef up their appraisal work. Rothman saw that RSR has not marketed their appraisal services extensively, and decided to tap into Bob’s experience in the banking sector, especially with banks that had not tapped into their appraisal services in the past.

Enter Bob: “I was looking for a career change away from banking, and what drew me to appraising commercial real estate was the fact that it allows me take some of the skills I learned in 30 years of banking and apply it to a new career.”

The “appraiser” hat was a match made in heaven. During his banking career, including his most recent stops at Centric Bank and Mid Penn Bank, he underwrote a variety of commercial loans, many of which were secured by commercial real estate.

Having done a great deal of real estate work and property settlements, and reviewing appraisals all the time, he was well aware of the income approach, which is similar to the analysis an appraiser conducts to determine the value of the property.

“I kind of have a head start on that piece of it,” Bob said. “It seemed to be a natural fit to move to that direction.”

And the way banking has changed, he doesn’t foresee a reduced demand for appraisals in the future.

“If anything, I believe the need for appraisals will continue to increase because the regulations will continue to get tighter and tighter,” he predicted.

The lingering recession has already proven that assessment. When the economy is down and a troubled loan is secured by real estate, banks are required to confirm the value of the asset supporting the loan; when the economy is going strong and banks are lending, they need appraisals to determine the value of what it is they are lending against, McDonald noted.

The income approach is the method for determining the value of property, basing that value upon how much money a property produces from rents. By calculating income minus expenses and applying the capitalization rate to that difference, a skilled appraiser can determine value.

Bob’s background in commercial lending, credit analyses and underwriting makes him a skilled math man, but “I enjoy the customer contact, too,” McDonald said.

“[My work at RSR] fits my personality in that I’ll be able to continue to do that analytical piece, but I’ll still have face to face customer contact on the business development side, which is something I greatly enjoy.”

And why take his talent and experience to RSR? RSR “developed an excellent reputation in the marketplace. They are one of the largest, if not the largest, appraisal firm in Central Pennsylvania,” McDonald said. RSR came onto his professional radar screen in the early 1990s, when McDonald worked at Pennsylvania National Bank and Bill Rothman served on the bank board.

“I’ve been familiar with Bill for 20 to 25 years and had some business dealings with Greg and Garrett Rothman. I‘ve been impressed with what they’ve accomplished. It was natural fit.”

McDonald also likes the RSR approach to training.

“You start out doing the appraisals from beginning to end, you work on the entire assignment and not just a piece of it, which I think is a more effective way to learn the business.”

Bob and his wife Mindy reside in Fairview Township, York County. They have a daughter, Abby, and a son, Greyson.

As he nears full certification, Bob says with typical enthusiasm: “I’m really looking forward to it! I’m excited for the opportunity and can’t wait to get started.”

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  • Licensed appraiser trainee and business development manager with RSR Appraisers & Analysts, May 2013-present
    • Assist licensed general apraisers in completing appraisals on commercial real estate
    • Assist in generating new appraisal business
  • Commercial loan officer with Centric Bank, 2009-May 2013
    • Assisted in opening of Centric’s Camp Hill office in March 2011
    • Responsible for developing and underwriting commercial loan and deposit relationships, primarily on the West Shore.
  • Commercial lending team leader for Mid Penn Bank, 2006-2009
    • Responsible for developing business loan and deposit relationships, primarily on the East Shore.
    • Supervised five commercial lenders developing loan and deposit business in the bank’s Capital Region
    • Obtained SBA’s Preferred Lender Status for the bank
  • Commercial loan officer for Commerce Bank, 2004-2006
    • Responsible for developing commercial loan and deposit business in the bank’s Carlisle market.
    • Responsible for developing business loan and deposit relationships, primarily on the West Shore.  Worked out of the Bank’s Carlisle Loan Production Office
  • Director of commercial services for Legacy Bank, 1999-2004
    • Responsible for developing business loan and deposit relationships throughout the bank’s East and West Shore footprint.
    • Participated in opening the bank
    • Assisted in developing the bank’s cash management product, designed to keep deposit balances on the bank’s balance sheet
  • Commercial loan officer/regional lending manager for CCNB Bank/PNC Bank, 1992-1999
    • Responsible for developing business loan and deposit relationships throughout the bank’s East and West Shore footprint. Worked out of the bank’s headquarters in Camp Hill, as well as the Colonial Park, Hershey and Mechanicsburg offices.
    • 1995 to 1999 – Regional Loan Manager, PNC Bank
      • Responsible for loan approvals and portfolio administration for the bank’s Capital Region
  • Small business loan officer for Pennsylvania National Bank, 1989-1992
    • Initially worked out of Lancaster Loan Production Office, then moved to the bank’s office at 7th and Boas Sts, Harrisburg.  Responsible for developing business loan and deposit relationships throughout the bank’s East and West Shore footprint
  • Management trainee/branch manager/district manager for Mellon Bank, 1983-1989
    • Directly managed Mellon’s Uptown Office at 2615 N Front St, Harrisburg, PA, and oversaw the operations at the Bank’s Cedar Cliff and Linglestown Rd offices
    • 2-year training program in which I had an opportunity to work in nearly all areas of the bank, including loan and deposit operations, audit, credit and branch operations functions.

Community involvement

  • Rotary Club of the West Shore
  • 10-year member of Capital Region Economic Development Corporation Loan Review Committee
  • East Pennsboro Business Leaders Counsel
  • 15-year volunteer for Big 33, both for in-game and on Scholarship Committee
  • Past president of Red Land All Sports Booster Club
  • PA Bankers Association Group 5 Executive Committee
  • PA Bankers Association School of Comercial Lending Advisory Council


  • Juniata College, Huntingdon  PA, Bachelor of Science in business administration